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Birdman Dave
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Belle the Macaw

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The Amazon Rainforest
Ever hear about a dirt bird? What about a teacher-of-children bird? Find out how these amazing birds got their unusual names. Enter into the rich and diverse life of the Amazon Rainforest. Participate in a story about piranha. Watch the flight of a macaw. Discover how each plant, bird, and animal play a part in the web of life in this, the largest rainforest on earth.
Feathered FrolicAmazing Birds
Discover how birds talk to us. They communicate with body signals, size, shape, color, and sounds. Their behavior often reveals important clues about their feelings, thoughts and interests. Observe and listen to these amazing animals. If you are patient and respectful, they will show you many of their secrets. Learn about flight, feathers, special adaptations, food choices, and more. With puppets, live birds, and true stories, this program is guaranteed to put a feather in your cap
How Birds Learn to ReadHow Birds Learn to Read
Did you ever imagine birds could read? Certainly many of our feathered friends can fly, some can swim like ducks, but read? Birds share many of our reading skills. They possess remarkable observation and listening skills, problem-solving abilities and unending curiosity. As a little bird once told me, “Reading gives you wings to fly”.

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