The crowds are always delighted with Birdman Dave's High Flying Educational Entertainment
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Birdman Dave
The Amazon Rainforest
Discover life's most diverse ecosystem in the world. Listen to a story about how each living thing has a purpose and a part to play in the life of the Rainforest. Delight in the antics and flight of live birds known as soil makers, teachers of children and messengers of good fortune.


  • Live bird - Belle, the green-winged macaw
  • Story telling about animals, legends and Amazon natives
  • Education about Amazon birds as soil-makers, teachers of children and messengers of good luck
  • Audience participation in stories
  • Trained parrot performance
  • Cultural enrichment - students learn myths, customs, and appreciation of the native Amazon lifestyle
  • Environmental awareness
  • Ecology and endangered species education
  • Amusement and entertainment

People of all ages get charmed by Belle
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