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Birdman Dave - Dave Gulick

Hi! I'm Birdman Dave
For me, birds are great ambassadors of the natural world. They connect us to nature and the need to protect the many habitats of our Planet Earth. My joy is sharing with you the wonder of our winged friends.

How it all Began
"Would you like to raise chickens?"  my father asked me when I was eight years old. "Yes," I happily answered. Interesting how one question can change your life!

I was a shy boy who spent all my time in nature. The new chickens gave me more reasons to be outdoors. They also brought me an unexpected gift. The eggs that the chickens laid could be sold to my neighbors, but to do this, I had to be less shy. Birds were beginning to work their magic.

School, college, serving as a VISTA volunteer and later a classroom teacher all intervened before I had the opportunity to rediscover my love for birds.

My next feathered friend arrived as a tiny golden puff ball on toothpick legs. This bobwhite quail received the name of Pippy when he leapt from his heated cardboard box and dashed down the hall toward us, calling "Pip, Pip, Pip," or "Wait for me," in quail-talk. By then, I was a father myself and changing into a career that lead me to be more and more involved with birds, until I became known as Birdman Dave.

Birdman Dave and BelleBirdman Dave's Bio Dave Gulick

  • Over 20 years performing in the Eastern U.S.
  • Former classroom teacher
  • >
  • Author of a children's book and bird articles
  • Entertained and educated over a million people
  • Member of International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators
  • Member of Audubon Society, as well as many other environmental organizations
  • Performs for schools, libraries, museums, YMCAs, military bases, churches, retirement communities, art councils, outdoor festivals, international festivals, parks and recreation events, head start, corporate and family events, zoos, bookstores and many more.

International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators

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