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Lost in the Woods A True Story by Birdman Dave

A soft cover children's picture book of a
true story  in the life of Belle the macaw

Enter into the world of a pet parrot, a green-winged macaw named Belle. Her adventure begins like so many adventures - unexpectedly. As Belle tells the story, she and her human companion, Birdman Dave, are walking outside to visit a favorite place. A sudden attack by a mob of birds causes Belle to fly to the tree tops. The challenge of flying down through all those branches and the struggle to get back to Dave make this a suspenseful and heartwarming story for children and families.
Price: $11.00
Belle at the Circus, a coloring and activity book bt Donna Gulick

A coloring and activity book with a fiction story about Belle

As Belle and Dave prepare to perform in the circus, Belle gets so excited that she flies off. The adventure begins. Elephants, trapeze artists and clowns are all part of the suspense in this circus story and coloring book. Belle says, "Come read about me; I get into all kinds of trouble. Color in my pictures; do a dot to dot and a maze."
Price: $6.00

Integrated Learning Packet for Teachers

Includes the storybook, Lost in the Outdoors, and activities involving core curriculum subjects math, science, reading, and writing for grades K-4. Activities for centers, whole-group work, small group and partners. Individualized to meet student needs.
Price: $21.00

(A portion of the sales of books and teacher packets goes to the preservation of the Rainforest and other bird habitats worldwide.)

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1-2 books or teacher's packets $4
3-5 books or packets $5
6-10 books $6

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