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How do birds learn to read?How Birds Learn to Read
Whoo... whoo... who can teach us how to read better than owl? Quiet and still, he observes the alphabet of animals and birds passing by. Because he reads, he succeeds. Parrot, too, can help us soar into reading. Exploring her environment, she uses her problem-solving and thinking skills to discover food and shelter. Come enjoy all the birds as they teach people how to read the forest.


  • Live bird Belle, the green-winged macaw
  • Story with audience participation
  • Trained parrot performances
  • Integrate science with reading
  • Demonstrate how birds learn to read their environment and learn the strategies of nature
  • Compare and contrast how birds learn to read with how people learn to read
  • Investigate how owl prepares to read by being still and quiet
  • Discover how owl has to re-read the facts to be a successful reader and hunter
  • Explore how parrots investigates meaningful clues to do problem solving
  • Watch parrots make predictions about her flight based on the changing story of the forest
Birdman Dave and Belle

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