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The crowds are always delighted with Birdman Dave's High Flying Educational Entertainment
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Birdman Dave, Dave Gulick
Birdman Dave

Hi! I'm Birdman Dave
For me, birds are great ambassadors of the natural world. They connect us to nature and the need to protect the many habitats of our Planet Earth. My joy is sharing with you the wonder of our winged friends. Read more about Birdman Dave here.

Belle the Macaw

Belle the Macaw

  • The queen of them all, she's a beautiful giant green-winged macaw
  • Born June 17, 1997 in N.C.
  • Her grandparents came from the Amazon Rainforest
  • She flirts with her audience, dances, and performs tricks
  • Belle captivates the audience as she flies over their heads
  • She has become a household name, requested year after year
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Meme (pronounced Mimi)
  • Meme, the puppet, presents the inside scoop on birds. She shows the audience bird features rarely seen by people, such as ears, nostrils and even bones. She also asks for the help of many volunteers.
  • Born (Created) May 2008 by artist Cheryl Pou
  • Meme's purpose is to show how very much people and birds are alike, as well as how they are different.
  • Her sense of humor will keep the audience laughing.